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“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”, said Mahatma Gandhi. And a nation with an array of assorted cultures like India needs to be the torchbearer. The inception of JalTarang is a humble effort to orchestrate a platform for curated events that provide a true reflection of Indian culture, heritage and traditions across the globe. JalTarang started its journey as an art platform. However, the fulcrum of the organization revolves around innovation, innovation of multidimensional methods of curating events that explore and portrays the diversity of India.

JalTarang is a rare, ancient Indian musical instrument that has contributed to nurturing and making music more delightful. We, team JalTarang aspire to be a true metaphorical namesake of this organic instrument, and present the Indian culture to the world and exhibit the real meaning of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

JalTarang has established itself as a brand with the association of Indian Embassies across the globe, the High Commission of India, Cultural wings of the Ministry of India. Art Centres from India, Spain, Houston and 18 community, cultural, media partners worldwide. Our keynote speakers were globally acclaimed personalities and Padmashree awardees, honourable dignitaries and eminent Indian artists across the globe.

This does not look like a maiden venture and how artistically crafted.

The Regional Head of Times Of India, Europe

Paromita Goswami

A big warm hello from my side. I am Paromita Goswami, based in UK for the last five years with my family. Currently working as an HR professional in TFL (Transport for London), a singer, a mother and an aspiring art entrepreneur. Born and raised in Kolkata, I am a classically trained vocalist. It is about a brief introduction of my art platform called JalTarang, which curates original art projects. JalTarang is a melodic percussion that resonates with the concept of exhibiting prominent musical styles with incredible performances. I was solicited on a BBC talk show as a rhetorician to speak about JalTarang. Additionally, I received a special invite to meet the Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modiji as a representative of JalTarang.

As the world is healing itself from grim and despair, we are now planning to take a leap forward by transiting JalTarang from a virtual platform to corporate productions and events across the UK, USA and India. I am taking JalTarang a step ahead with my team of strong, experienced, enthusiastic, independent Indian women, who are persistent and determined to nurture JalTarang with their skilful competence. JalTarang intends to curate projects that express Indian culture, causes, social reforms with a humble try to make a deviation of its own kind.

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